Our apostolates

Our apostolates

From the Ignatian spirituality that we have received from our founder, Fr. José Manuel Pereda Crespo, our mission is to help men to give themselves to their own mission. For this reason, we serve various apostolates:

Spiritual Exercises

The Ignatian Spiritual Exercises are the fundamental framework of our formation. They shape the courses, the activities, the way of life, the apostolate, the affective education, the renunciations, in short, the spirit of the evangelical counsels.

Parishes and chaplaincies

We serve parishes in Mexico, Spain, Italy and Honduras. In addition to chaplaincies with religious communities. You can check in the section Where to find us.


We have the Miguel de Cervantes Institute in Puebla, Mexico. In addition, we teach in schools and seminaries and we attend the University Pastoral in different universities.


The Social Pastoral has its main reflection in Honduras where we serve in Yoro and Tegucigalpa.


Fundación Maior is a non-profit organization that considers culture as a fundamental element for the integral formation of the person.

Media and communications

The Bulletin Ama y Sirve and Radio San Jorge are some of the means of communication with which we try to carry out the task of evangelization.